Artificial intelligence tools to hire on-demand and recruit in minutes.

RUSH is a customizable, revolutionary software suite that supercharges your existing workflow with smart tools.

Recruiting and staffing software for every workflow

The ultimate solution for your staffing business

Whether you want to super-charge your recruiting effort with our automated Recruiting Engine crawler technology or fill a new job posting by leveraging your existing candidate pool in minutes, we know that every company is unique and that is why our RUSH platform is exceptionally customizable. Your configuration is truly yours — you can use a single feature or adopt a complete, end-to-end platform with the same ease.
We don’t just sell software; we partner up with our clients to help you grow your business strategy to changing times. The world is getting faster and more interconnected, and multi-day staffing processes that used to be acceptable in the past are being replaced by faster, more efficient, automated technological models. RUSH is a dedicated staffing solution and a premium software development company in one, available to all businesses, whether you are an established staffing firm, an up-and-coming gig economy company, recruiting agency, or a one-man army.
Highly customizable software - so powerful, it feels like a dedicated, custom solution.
Access to a constantly growing suite of tools within the RUSH ecosystem.
Fixed pricing and custom packages - you are in full control of the feature set.
24/7 support through our private Slack channel, email, or phone.

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Recruiting and staffing

Recruiting Tools

Discover and onboard new talent.
Recruiting and staffing

ATS Integrations

Enable RUSH for your existing workflow.
Recruiting and staffing

Team collaboration

Supercharge your team’s performance.
Recruiting and staffing

Staff management

Track performance and manage staff.
Recruiting and staffing


Keep in touch with your staff.
Recruiting and staffing


In-depth analytics for your company.

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